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Brent Roy Venice Charters

Capt. Brent Roy, Venice Charters , (225) 268-8420

Capt. Brent Roy, Venice Charters, and Capt. Larry Averitt, LA Charters, take us out of Venice Marina for a little scouting trip. Sean Turner catches a giant red on his first cast, and the guys rev him for a while about his "jinx." Then, they start catching bass on every cast, even with Sean's jinx! Always a good time, fishing in Venice! For a trip like this, call Capt. Brent Roy:

When you go fishing with Venice Charters Unlimited, Capt. Brent Roy will put you on the fish. On this trip, Franklin and Sean catch a limit of reds and bring them home for Marissa to cook. Capt. Brent made us all hungry, telling us how his momma cooked it when he was a kid, so we went old-school in the kitchen: Panfried (in butter) Redfish with homemade Hollandaise sauce.
To go on a trip like this:, 225-268-8420

Redfishing with Venice Charters - Capt. Brent Roy (225) 268-8420. Capt. Brent takes us to his honey hole in one of the passes at the mouth of the Mississippi and we catch redfish as fast as we can put our lines in the water. Brent was catching them left and right on Bandit crankbaits. We love riding in his new Skeeter boat and you will too! Call for guide rates and accomodations at Riverview Rentals.

We're off with Capt. Brent Roy ( to fish Southwest Pass at sunrise. We catch all kinds of fish - a blue cat, flounder, specks, and reds. Fishing in Venice is like nowhere else. This is the first part of the trip - we showed the second part of the trip (at Capt. Brent's honey hole) in a previous episode. I recommend staying the night before your trip at his camp at Riverview Rentals. It was so nice to get a good night's sleep before and not worrying about how long it would take to drive to the dock. It was even nicer to be able to take a shower before heading home! Call Capt. Brent and book your trip (225) 268-8420.