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Buggy's Green Beans
1/2 pack of bacon, cut in small pieces
1 bag of frozen seasoning blend veggies
1 lb Martin's pickled pork, cut in small pieces
2 lbs frozen kitchen cut green beans
2 large red potatoes, cut in small pieces
cajun seasoning

In a large, deep skillet or soup pot, render the bacon pieces over medium heat. When the bacon begins to get opaque, add the veggies and cook over medium high heat, until soft. Add pickled pork, stirring well. Cover and cook over low heat for 20-30 minutes. When the meat is tender, add the green beans and potatoes. Stir and season well. Cover and cook an additional 15 minutes over medium low heat. When green beans and potatoes are tender, it's done.

NOTE: You can substitute ham or andouille for the pickled pork.