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Chad Billiot Marsh Rat
Capt. Chad Billiot, Marsh Rat Guide Service (985) 637-5058

Summer fishing with The Marsh Rat! Capt. Chad Billiot shows us how to fill the box during the summer months, fishing in the deeper waters of E. Timbalier Island's Gulf side, throwing live shrimp and croakers. While the frenzy keeps going, he also throws some bright pink Saltwater Assassin lures, hauling in some very nice specks and reds. For a trip like this, call Capt. Chad Billiot, (985) 637-5058,

This week: Capt. Chad Billiot, Marsh Rat Guide Service, shows us how to fish inshore during cool weather. When we launch at the Golden Meadow public boat launch, it's a crisp 50 degrees, but the weather warms to 70 by noon. We start with a decent tide and pick off as many speckled trout as we'd like to keep in Catfish Lake, hopping jerk baits over oyster beds. Sean switches to a popping cork and catches several more. When the tide goes out, we head to Gray Duck Lake to sight fish for reds. They're a little skittish, but we get several that are perfect for grilling. To book a trip with eagle-eyed Capt. Chad, check out his website at or give him a call at (985) 637-5058. He fishes the Golden Meadow/Leeville and Grand Isle areas.
Want a recipe for your fresh redfish or trout? Check out our RECIPES page!

This week: Fishing with the Marsh Rat, Lent Recipes
Outdoors: Capt. Chad Billiot takes us out of Leeville, LA, for some redfish and trout in winter conditions - Louisiana winter, anyway. It's been hot/cold/hot/cold and the fish were hard to find, but catchable for those who keep looking. Capt. Chad has an eagle eye when it comes to spotting trout and reds, so give him a call if you want to go fishing! (985) 637-5058.

This week: Crab salad with Gator Pickle relish, Peri Peri Shrimp, tagging redfish with Capt. Chad Billiot, The Marsh Rat
Our favorite seasonings are made by Creative Cajun Cooking, so we put all kinds of stuff in our recipes. Check out their website for products used on our show. In our first recipe, a cold crab salad, we use claw crab meat with mayo, Gator Pickle juice, Gator Pickle relish, dry seafood boil seasoning, and Magic Swamp Dust. It's a Creative Cajun Cooking superfecta!! Then, we make the South African version of barbecue shrimp: Peri Peri Shrimp! Made with butter, Magic Swamp Dust, hot chilis, and big head-on shrimp. Serve with rice and a drizzle of that pan sauce. Oh, so good.
For our outdoor segment, we're tagging redfish with Capt. Chad Billiot, The Marsh Rat, out of Leeville, LA. To book a speckled trout/redfish trip with him, give him a call at (985) 637-5058.

Outdoors: Top water trout fishing out of Golden Meadow, LA, with Capt. Chad Billiot, Marsh Rat Guide Service. Capt. Chad uses Top Dogs to bring in a ton of trout - for a trip with The Marsh Rat, call him at (985) 637-5058 or check out his website at
Kitchen: We're on location at Gorman Brothers Appliances. Marissa makes a creamy corn and andouille chowder, spicy shrimp & zucchini with cucumber dip, and showcases some specialty meats from Ralph's Market. The specialty meats are easy, just pick up what you want from the meat section at Ralph's (boudin stuffed chicken or chops, sausage stuffed eggplant, whatever you like) and bake it in a 350 oven until the middle registers 180 degrees. For the other recipes:
Spicy Shrimp & Zucchini with Cucumber Dip
Creamy Corn & Andouille Chowder

Sight fishing for red in the Leeville marsh with Capt. Chad Billiot, The Marsh Rat. He takes us out of Bobby Lynn's Marina to find those copper beauties. Capt. Chad always puts us on the fish and is a great guide for family trips (or just the guys/girls). To book a trip with him, call him at (985) 637-5058. For more about his guide service:

This week, we're fishing with The Marsh Rat, Capt. Chad Billiot, in the Tidewater Canal - launching out of Bobby Lynn's Marina in Leeville, La. Our guests, Vic and Mike from Tommy's Lock & Alarms catch plenty trout and reds (even with a 20 mph wind howling). Thank goodness for great guides! If you're interested in fishing the Leeville - Grand Isle - Fourchon area, call Capt. Chad Billiot to book a trip (985) 637-5058. Stay at Bobby Lynn's Marina and you'll be right on the water!

Since I'm tired of the cold, I wanted to share some warm weather fishing footage. It's time to call your favorite guide and schedule your spring trip! Want to go fishing with The Marsh Rat? Call Capt. Chad Billiot at (985) 637-5058.

This week: Capt. Chad Billiot takes the boys redfishing in the shallow salt marshes out of Golden Meadow, LA. Sean Turner and Gabe Williams catch reds on Black Shad Die Dapper Saltwater Bass Assassins as a front moves through. Want a great guide to take you and your kids fishing? Call Capt. Chad - (985) 637-5058 or check out his website:

We got some good stuff cooking this week! We start out at Ralph's Market with Jimmy Babin, Creative Cajun Cooking. Jimmy's dunking whole chickens in his Smokin' Fryin' Rub and then deep frying them in his mobile fryer. Wow! You can get his seasonings at Ralph's Market or at
Then we take a little family trip out to the Gulf with Capt. Chad Billiot of Marsh Rat Charters. He's so good with kids - what an amazing trip. The sharks moved in on us near the rocks at East Timbalier, so we went for a ride and found some tide movement on a wellhead. Chad's Lowrance said there was a bunch of fish there and it did not lie. We found a new honey hole full of BIG trout! or (985) 637-5058. Shake-a-head, Shake-a-head!!

To get in touch with Capt. Chad Billiot, call him at (985) 637-5058 or go to his website:
Here's a little tip: bring sunscreen, OFF, lots of drinks (the average adult will drink 6-7 bottles of water during the day on a summer trip), sandwiches. Capt. Chad has a separate cooler for drinks/food and a nice big one for fish. Don't forget to bring your own icechest to bring your fish home!
Need a place to stay? Call Boudreaux's Condeaux's: (985) 675-6313
For Mary's "Sticky Chicken" that Sean loved so much, click here: Sticky Chicken (you'll also find her cookbook info on that page)

For Boudreaux's Condeaux's: (985) 675-6313
To get in touch with Capt. Chad Billiot, call him at (985) 637-5058 or go to his website:
Val's Marina: (225) 695-6538 for menu info or go here for their FB page: VAL'S MARINA
Shrimp & Crab Stew
Shrimp & Crab Spaghetti
Crab Salad

For Boudreaux's Condeaux's: (985)675-6313
To get in touch with Capt. Chad Billiot, call him at (985)637-5058.
For more info on Jani-Care:
Here's the outdoors part of the show:
Here's the kitchen part:

Week of 11/20/09:  Cooking with the guys, Fishing with the Marsh Rat
Outdoors: Capt. Chad Billiot (www.MarshRatGuideService, 985-637-5058) takes my brother-in-law, Jessie Thompson, and his son Joey out trout and redfishing in the marshes out of Golden Meadow. The wind was howling, but the Pogeaux Pop ( corks helped them bring in lots of trout and several nice reds. For a trip with The Marsh Rat, contact Capt. Chad Billiot: www.MarshRatGuideService, 985-637-5058.
Kitchen: Dr. Gray Bailey (Absolute Quality Care Family Dentistry) and his buddy, Leroy Laiche, an attorney in Prairieville show us some of their favorite recipes. Dr. Bailey makes an egg salad with eggs from the chickens on his farm and puts it on top of tomatoes topped with baby spinach, mozzarella cheese and basil pesto.  Leroy Laiche makes a shrimp and squash dish in a cast iron pot. Marissa soaks some blueberries in merlot and serves it with cake and whipped cream.
Dr. Gray's Egg Salad
Leroy's Shrimp & Squash
Blueberries in Merlot

Week of 7/6/09:  Trout fishing with the Marsh Rat, Trout on the grill (2 ways)
Outdoors: Capt. Chad Billiot (Marsh Rat Guide Service 985-637-5058) takes our sponsors, Ed Beard (Ed's Shenandoah Hardware), Danny Bonfiglio (Jani-Care) and Paul Milligan trout fishing out of Golden Meadow. The guys stayed at Boudreaux's Condeauxs (985-475-6313) and had a great time fishing with the Marsh Rat. Capt. Chad was walking the dog with topwater hard plastics with great success and the guys also used several soft plastics to haul in nice trout. Call Capt. Chad Billiot for a great trip!

Kitchen: Marissa has lots of trout to cook and, well, you can't fry everything, right? So she comes up with some grilled fish dishes. First, she goes Spanish style, wrapping the fish fillets in thinly sliced spicy ham (you can use prosciutto, too). The flavor is great and the fish doesn't stick to the grill. She serves it with Spanish style rice and a yellow bell pepper aioli that would be great drizzled on just about anything spicy. In the second part of the show, she uses foil packs to cook trout with green salsa and crab meat. Grilled avocadoes and onions go great on the side!

Trout wrapped with spicy ham
Spanish Rice
Yellow Bell Pepper aioli
Trout with green salsa and crab