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Crab Etouffee Peppers
This is Jimmy Babin's recipe. To find his products, including his etouffee mix, go to his website:

Stuffed peppers:
6 bell peppers (we used red ones for sweetness)
1 rib celery, minced
1 16 oz pkg popcorn rice (or jasmine rice)
Magic Swamp Dust cajun seasoning to taste
1/2 lb crab meat, picked for shells

Slice the tops off the peppers and discard seeds. Chop the pepper tops and celery and throw in with the rice. Add a little butter and Magic Swamp Dust to the rice cooker. Cook rice according to package instructions. When rice is cooked, mix the desired amount into the crabmeat (just enough to stuff the peppers with). Stuff the crab and rice mixture into the pepper bottoms. Bake at 350 until peppers are just tender (about 20-30 minutes). Top with Crab Etouffee.

Crab Etouffee:
1 pkg Etouffee Mix (by Creative Cajun Cooking)
1 small onion, diced
4 1/3 cups water
Magic Swamp Dust cajun seasoning
1/4 lb Velveeta cheese
1 lb crab meat
sliced green onions for garnish

Mix 2 1/3 cups water with etouffee mix in a bowl and let stand. In a large saucepan or soup pot, saute the diced onions with the other 2 cups of water over medium heat until onions are tender. Season them with a little Magic Swamp Dust cajun seasoning. Add the cheese to the onions and water, smoothing it out until completely melted. Pour in etouffee mixture and continue cooking over medium low heat, stirring frequently to keep it from sticking to the bottom. When it thickens to the consistency you want (a nice gravy-type thickness), add the crabmeat. Turn off the heat and gently stir crab into the mixture. Keep warm until ready to serve.