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This is more about technique than a recipe. All you need is pork fat and a big pot with a propane burner. This must be done outside. This makes A LOT OF CRACKLINS!

1 gallon oil
80 pounds pork rind, sliced in 1 inch wide, 6 inch long strips
a few ice cubes
salt or cajun seasoning

In a very large cast iron pot, heat oil and pork fat over medium-low heat. Keep temperature under 275 while rendering. Render fat for about 4 hours, stirring frequently to keep from sticking. When most of the fat is rendered, remove the cracklins to paper-towel lined pans (or a picnic table). Dab off excess grease.

Remove half the rendered fat to a side pot. Heat the remaining grease in the pot to about 400 degrees over medium high heat. Add cracklins carefully back to hot grease in batches (a large frying basket). When cracklins blister and get to deep golden brown color, toss in ONE cube of ice and stir well. IT WILL POP AND SIZZLE. BE CAREFUL!!

When cracklins are nicely brown and floating, remove to paper towels, season well with salt or cajun seasoning and blot excess grease.

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