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Crawfish & Corn Egg Rolls
Great for leftover crawfish boil tails and corn!

1/2 sweet onion, diced
1 package crawfish tails (or about 1 pound peeled tails from boil)
1 can super sweet corn kernels, drained (or cut the kernels from boiled corn)
1/2 container Philadelphia Garden Vegetable cream cheese (or similar spreadable cheese)
egg roll wrappers (from produce case)
oil for frying
remoulade sauce for dipping

Spray a skillet with nonstick spray. Cook onions over medium low heat until wilted. Add corn, cooking gently until softened. Add crawfish tails (if they haven't been cooked in a boil, you'll need to season them with cajun seasoning). Cook until heated through. Taste for seasoning. Remove skillet from heat. Put oil in a frying pot or safety fryer and heat it to about 350.

In a bowl, mix the crawfish and corn mixture with 1/2 the container of cheese. Blend well. To assemble the egg rolls, read the directions on the egg roll wrappers. I find it easiest to lay the wrapper on a plate with a point facing me like a diamond shape, add the filling, brush the edges with water (using a pastry brush or my finger), then lay the top and bottom corners over the filling, turn the plate and roll up the egg roll. Keep refrigerated (for up to one day, if preparing ahead) before frying. When you've got the rolls assembled, fry until golden brown. Serve with remoulade sauce.