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Creole Mustard Glaze
This is great for steaks or even chicken!

1/4 cup creole mustard
2 tbs white wine vinegar
1 tbs low sodium soy sauce
1 tbs minced fresh rosemary
3-4 garlic cloves
2 ribeyes (at least 1 inch thick)
cajun seasoning

In a plastic bowl, mix mustard, vinegar and soy sauce. Mince rosemary and garlic and add to mustard mixture. Set aside for 30 minutes or up to several hours to let flavors blend.

Season steaks with cajun seasoning. Pour some of mustard glaze on top of steaks and let sit while you heat the grill.

Heat the (pre-oiled) grill to high and let it get nice and hot.  Carefully place steaks on grill and shut the lid. Leave them alone for about 5 minutes so they form a crust. No poking around with a fork! Then, flip the steaks and baste with a little of leftover glaze. Leave them alone for another few minutes, depending on thickness of steaks and how well you want them cooked. The key is to let the fire form a nice crust on the outside of the steaks - so no "playing with your meat!"

Remove from grill and let rest for at least 5 minutes before cutting.