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Crockpot Seafood Gumbo
This is as close as I could get to "dump and go." You only have to slice the andouille and defrost the crab claws. I used a dry "gumbo base" for the roux. If you use instant roux, you'll need to add some extra seasoning or use full flavor chicken or seafood stock.

1 pkg dry gumbo base (5oz per 2 qts liquid)
2 qts unsalted chicken stock or water
1 container cocktail crab claws, defrosted
1/2 to 1 lb andouille, diced
1/2 cup prechopped creole veggies (onion, bell pepper, celery, etc)
garlic powder
cajun seasoning
OPTIONAL: 1 can Rotel, 1 cup sliced okra, 1 gumbo crab, cleaned
1 lb peeled medium shrimp

cooked rice and gumbo file for serving

In a 5qt Crock Pot, add the stock to the dry gumbo base and whisk together. Add the crab claws, andouille, veggies, garlic powder and cajun seasoning to taste. Be careful with the cajun seasoning - gumbo base has a lot of salt in it. You don't want to make it too salty. If you want Rotel tomatoes or okra, add them now. I also like to use a gumbo crab, but it's not necessary with the little crab fingers in it. Cover and set to low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours, according to how much time you have.

About 20 minutes before you're ready to serve, add the shrimp. Cover and cook on high for 20 minutes (while you get your rice pot going). The gumbo will be a bit thin, so you may wish to serve with gumbo file.