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Eggless Potato Salad
I hate eggs. There, I said it. I'm not allergic, I just can't stand their squishiness. So, I prefer potato salad with no boiled egg in it. Some people are very allergic to eggs, so you have to go a step farther with their potato salad and leave out the mayo too. Here, I substitute it with plain yogurt. I usually use Ranch dressing, but most bottled versions have MSG and egg components of some kind. If you're allergic to dairy, skip the yogurt and use mustard. Hope you're not allergic to bacon!

2 lbs potatoes (pick your favorite)
1 cup plain yogurt
1 pkg Good Seasons Garlic & Herb Salad Dressing Mix
Magic Swamp Dust, No MSG, to taste
freshly cracked black pepper
Gator Pickles (by Creative Cajun Cooking)
Crumbled bacon (about 4 to 6 strips)
mustard or creole mustard (optional)

Cut the potatoes into chunks and boil until soft. Drain.
For the dressing, mix the yogurt, salad dressing mix, pepper, and about 1 tbs Magic Swamp Dust cajun seasoning. Mix well. Add a little mustard if you want. Chop several pickle slices into small pieces. Add about 2 tbs "juice" from the pickle jar into the dressing. Stir well. Add the cooked potato chunks, chopped pickles, and bacon. Mix well. Refrigerate until ready to serve.