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Elton Rodrigue CatchDat!

Capt. Elton Rodrigue, CatchDat! Charters (225) 715-2105

It gets so hot here in Louisiana, that sometimes you just gotta jump in the water with the fish! We go out with Capt. Elton Rodrigue of Catch Dat! Charters, fishing the Gulf just south of Dularge. There's a little island that's gone underwater, and the guys hop out the boat to wade fish it. Since we're fishing with Mike and Doug Gorman, we go to the kitchen at Gorman Brothers Appliances in Prairieville to make some recipes that are so good for summer.

Capt. Elton Rodrigue, CatchDat! Charters  (225) 715-2105
Gorman Brothers Appliances,, (225) 744-3333

Purple Hull Pea Salad with Chow Chow
Alligator & Grits
Cucumber Appetizer with Cream Cheese and Gator Pickles Zucchini Chow Chow

Outdoors: Fishing out of Cocodrie with Capt. Elton Rodrigue, CatchDat! Charters. With us on the trip are Doug Gorman and his friend, Chester. Doug was the TROUT MASTER on this trip!! The guys were throwing shrimp and plastics at them, but the shrimp outfished the plastics by quite a bit. For a trip like this, give Capt. E a call (225) 715-2105 or go to
Kitchen: Maris,sa panfries those trout in butter and Gator Wing Batter, then tops it off with a creamy crawfish pasta sauce. It was nice using ingredients fresh from the water and garden!
For the recipe:
Panfried Trout with Creamy Crawfish Sauce

We had a great time at CoCo Marina, fishing and cooking! In this episode, we go trout fishing with Capt. Elton Rodrigue (CatchDat Charters, 225-715-2105) and Capt. Tommy Pellegrin (Custom Charters, 985-851-3304). The guys catch 100 trout before 9 a.m.! If you want to catch some Cocodrie trout, book a trip with these guys!
We decided to stay in a condo at CoCo Marina, because they have nice, large lodgings with room to spread out, a full kitchen, and easy access to the boat launch. The pool and splash park sealed the deal. We also enjoyed the Lighthouse Restaurant while it was raining on us.
Since it rained our first day, we cooked up some stir fry with Capt. Tommy. We used steak instead of seafood and all our favorite veggies (except broccoli, LOL). A little Magic Swamp Dust and a splash of soy sauce finished it right up and it was so good!
Tommy's Stir Fry

What a fun episode, full of recipes, fishing, and outdoor cooking! We start at Gorman Brothers Appliances, where Marissa whips up some awesome foods for summer parties. Cast iron ribeye steak with crumbly queso fresco, Caprese salad with almond butter pesto, crispy chicken sausage patties with a creamy Gator Pickle Relish sauce, fresh corn and tomato salad, and blueberries with sweet cream whipped with mint leaves. And that's just the first segment!

Then we show you the second part of our fishing trip with Capt. Elton Rodrigue (Catch Dat) and Capt. Tommy Pellegrin (Custom Charters). We had so many trout on film, we had to make 2 shows! The guys launched at CoCo Marina in Cocodrie, La. The fishing was terrific, with many casts bringing in two trout at a time!

To finish off our fun little show, Miss Grace and Paw Paw Gene Boudreaux join us at Creative Cajun Cooking to cook a mini-pot jambalaya, Chalmette style. They add tomatoes and beef broth to theirs, along with a lot of Jimmy Babin's Magic Swamp Dust. Was it good? AMEN!

Here's the videos, keep scrolling for recipe links:
Ribeye with crumbly queso fresco
Caprese salad with almond butter pesto
Crispy chicken sausage patties
Gator Pickle Relish sauce
Blueberries with sweet whipped cream and mint
Grace and Gene's mini-pot jambalaya, (985) 594-6626. Tell Anna we said hi!

Catching specks & reds with CatchDat! Capt. Elton Rodrigue takes us out of Dularge, LA, to fill the box. Jeffery Robert of Ascension Equipment comes along for his first trip to Dularge and loves the bull red action. To book a trip like this, call Capt. E at (225) 715-2105.

This week, we're fishing with Capt. Elton Rodrigue of Catchdat! down in Cocodrie, catching trout and redfish. Franklin and Sean had a great time! To book a trip with Capt. E, call him at (225) 715-2105 or check out his website at!

This week: We start out at Creative Cajun Cooking with Jimmy Babin, cooking some camp-style shrimp. We toss some in butter and Magic Swamp Dust Fire Dept. Blend and throw them on a little grill. Then we toss some in some of Jimmy's Seafood Boil and boiling water. They're good right out of the pot! Then we head out to Bayou Dularge with Capt. Elton Rodrigue of Catch Dat Charters We caught an icechest full of speckled trout and had a good ol' time. It was our first time to Dularge and we loved it! The birdwatching was almost as fun as the trout fishing. Go to and book a trip (or a walk-on) with Capt. E!