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Fried Oysters
All you need to fry oysters is a little batter and hot grease. What makes these special is Gator Wing Batter made by Creative Cajun Cooking. It isn't gritty like regular fish fry batters and it's seasoned just right. For more info:

1 pint oysters
2 eggs
hot sauce
1 package Gator Wing Batter
cooking oil

In a cast iron skillet or deep fryer, heat oil to 350. We like to use an oil thermometer so we don't burn our grease.
Make an egg wash by beating the eggs with a little water and a few dashes of hot sauce.
When the grease is hot, dredge the oysters through the egg wash then the batter and gently place in fryer. Make sure to coat the oyster well, but shake off excess. Excess batter in your grease tends to make the oil get too dark too fast. The oysters cook quickly, so watch them. When they're golden brown and crispy, they're done.