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Fried Pickled Green Tomatoes
Jimmy's recipe is below. This is for a jar of his pickled Green Tomato Slices.
Fried Green Tomatoes
The Southern treat that is available anywhere anytime now with the Creative Cajun Cooking products. Before, you had to wait until the right time to pick the green tomatoes and then only a few days until they turn red. But now you are not limited to a time restraint to enjoy this tasty dish. This is the ultimate hors d'oeuvres your guests will talk about forever. Creative Cajun Cooking has made it so easy to buy the kit and follow the directions for that great flavor!
Jimmy L. Babin
1----- Drain liquid from the jar of Green Tomatoes.
2----- Mix 1 Table Spoon of All Purpose Flour in 12 Oz's. Evaporated Milk then 2 Eggs beaten.
3----- Pour Gator Wing Batter in a flat pan to ease breading.
4----- Place Green Tomatoes into milk mixture and let set for 3 minutes.
5----- Remove Tomato Slice one at a time and drain off excessive milk.
6----- Then run the slice quickly thru the Gator Wing Batter and lay on a wire rack to let the batter soak up the moisture. Sprinkle a little more in areas you may have missed. (2-3 Minutes)
7----- Pre heat Frying Oil to 350 degrees F.
8----- Place each slice into oil and allow to cook 5 minutes until golden brown.
9----- Remove from oil and place on a sheet pan with a wire rack to drain excess oil.

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