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Turkey Roulade
This recipe may take a few more steps than a roasted turkey but it is SO good.
1 boneless turkey breast, butterflied
2-3 cups stuffing (any kind will do)
12 oz. bacon (regular or smoked)
 Cajun Seasoning to taste
All preparation can be done the day before, so all you have to do is pop the turkey in the oven on the day you want to serve it.

On a large work surface, place turkey breast on top of plastic wrap so that it opens up to one large flat piece.  It is up to you whether or not to leave the skin on.(I prefer it off.) If you do, place the turkey skin side down. If not, lay the breast smooth side down. Cover with additional plastic wrap and pound to an even thickness of 1/2 inch.

Remove plastic from top of turkey, sprinkle with a little cajun seasoning and spread stuffing evenly over the middle portion of the turkey breast. Roll it up, using the plastic wrap to help keep the roll in place. (It helps to have a second pair of hands.)

On a large piece of heavy duty aluminum foil, lay the slices of bacon down so that they just overlap. You should lay out enough to cover the entire length of the turkey roll (roulade).

Lift the turkey roll onto the bacon slices and carefully remove the plastic wrap. Sprinkle the outside with a little more seasoning.  Using the foil as a handle, carefully roll up the roulade like a tootsie-roll. Place this roll onto another large piece of foil. Roll it and crimp edges.

Bake in a roasting pan for 1 1/2 hours (internal temperature of 155 degrees). Let roulade rest for 15 minutes, then slice into 1-inch thick slices. Be careful of hot juices escaping when you open the foil and slice the turkey.