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Stuffed backstrap
deer backstrap
several jalapenos
1 block of cream cheese (per backstrap)
1 pkg bacon slices
cajun seasoning

Trim backstrap of white tendon. Cut a channel into the backstrap with a long fillet knife. Slice the tops off the jalapenos. Slice the peppers into two long halves and remove all seeds and membranes. Dredge the pepper halves into the softened block of cream cheese, creating a little "blanket" of cheese for each pepper. Use the entire block of cream cheese, since you will lose some to cookout.

Stuff backstrap with as many peppers as will fit. Season outside of meat with cajun seasoning. Begin wrapping with bacon. Lay the first strip of bacon over the channel hole of meat, end to end (not around and around). Take another strip and lay it on top, end to end, making an "X" over the channel hole. Then wrap bacon around and around the backstrap, securing any loose ends with toothpicks.

Place on medium heat on the grill, cooking for about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on size of backstrap.

Recipe by Ed Beard, Ed's Shenandoah Hardware