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Pink Rotel Dip
I got this in an email from a viewer and wanted to share it (since I have a minor addiction to cream cheese!)

Email from Tiffany Cedotal, Baton Rouge:

I watch your show every day and I love all of your recipes!

This one I learned how to make at a baby shower. The food theme was pink and this dip is not the prettiest pink but it is easy and delicious!

One block of Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese cubed
1/2 can Mexican Rotel
1/2 can of Extra Hot Rotel (drained)
a pinch of fresh cilantro chopped up
Put cubed cream cheese in a microwave safe dish
Add Rotel on top
Heat until blended...stirring
Sprinkle cilantro on top
Serve hot with tortilla chips!

Take care and good cookin'!
Tiffany Cedotal