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About Marissa, Franklin, and Sean Turner:

I guess the first thing you may wonder is why we call it "The Outdoor Kitchen Show" when sometimes I cook inside, sometimes outside, sometimes who knows where. Well, my grandmother, Anola Kimball Mayeux ("MawMaw Zeph") had an outdoor kitchen where she did all her canning. She grew lots of things and I loved going to her house in the summer and watching her "put up" food in her outdoor kitchen. So the name of the show is actually in tribute to her. We also do lots of outdoor stuff, too - so there you go.

Marissa and Franklin have been in the TV business since 2002. After traveling the country in the thoroughbred horse racing circuit, we came home to Louisiana to work for Marissa's dad, Mike Rabalais, on his show Cajun Quest - The Louisiana Fishing Show.  That was tons of fun. We helped him start a new show called Cajun Quest - Hookin' & Cookin' that became pretty popular. Sadly, Daddy passed away in 2005. We were just starting our own production company, Turner House Productions, and beginning to do things on our own. It was a huge blow to lose my father. But I know that he's happy on the other side, fishing (and feasting) with friends and family.

Turner House Productions is truly a "mom and pop" business. Marissa is the host/creative director/editor/website manager, etc. and Franklin is the cameraman/executive salesperson/technical director, etc. We do pretty much everything between the two of us, and now our son Sean Turner is getting involved in hosting too! Sean is on the ProStaff of Vanishing Paradise, an environmental campaign through the National Wildlife Federation and we couldn't be prouder. Our newest addition, our baby Mike, has already been on the show and seems to love the camera too.

We love getting show ideas from sponsors and friends and travel all over South Louisiana to film shows. Our favorite shows are the ones where we get to go fishing with our coastal guides. We have learned so much about living and loving Louisiana with The Outdoor Kitchen Show and our new home and garden show, Prime Property (on EATEL Channel 4).  Even though I grew up here, there are so many things I never knew. Franklin grew up in Arkansas and is still amazed about how rich the culture (and food) can be! We traveled all over when we were racing and I can truly say, THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

Thanks for watching us on The Outdoor Kitchen Show.
Marissa, Franklin, Sean, and Mike Turner