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Jimmy's Shrimp & Grits
This is the easiest version of shrimp & grits - spicy boiled shrimp over cheese grits. Jimmy Babin makes it special with his Creative Cajun Cooking spices - his Smokin' Fryin' Rub, Magic Swamp Dust, and Seafood Boil. Find them here: locations

In a large pot, let's make some grits. Follow the directions on the package for number of servings. Instead of seasoning with salt, use Smokin' Fryin' Rub and Magic Swamp Dust. Add Velveeta cheese to taste. In another large pot, mix some CCC Seafood Boil into water and bring it to a boil. Let it boil a few minutes then add enough shrimp for your crew (about 1/2 lb per person). Let the shrimp boil just until they turn pink all the way. Drain the shrimp and toss them on top of your cooked cheese grits. Here's the how-to: