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Mixed Emotions Pudding
Jimmy L. Babin
Creative Cajun Cooking

Servings: 125

UTENSILS NEEDED: 1 Full size 6 inch stainless pan.

2  #10 cans Baker's and Chef's vanilla pudding
2  #10 cans Baker's and Chef's chocolate pudding
2 bags vanilla wafer cookies
2 bags Oreos
3 bunches ripe bananas

In a large full size, 6 inch pan pour vanilla wafers across the bottom.
Pour in both cans of vanilla pudding and level out.
Slice the bananas and spread across the vanilla pudding.
Pour in both cans of chocolate pudding and level out.
Lay Oreo cookies end to end across the top of the chocolate pudding.
Chill to 35 degrees over night prior to serving.