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Planked Redfish
This recipe will work for any small-medium fish, especially fresh water varieties.

1 whole fish, eviscerated and scaled
3-4 lemon slices
fresh herb sprigs: parsley, dill, marjoram (or whatever you like and can find fresh)
salt, pepper, red pepper

If you're cooking in a open hearth, place the board to the side of the fireplace, near enough to the fire to cook but not close enough to char the fish. Secure the fish to the board using small nails and butcher's twine (see photo).
This can also be done with a domed charcoal grill over ashy, hot coals. Remember to soak the UNTREATED wood plank (oak and cedar are good choices) for quite a while so it doesn't burn.

Clean the fish well, inside and out. Season the cavity and stuff with herbs and lemon slices. Lay more herbs and lemon on top of fish. Typically takes 20 minutes for fish to be cooked and flaky (depending on size and thickness of fish).