Poor Man's Crab (Sheephead)
Most people throw a sheephead back when they're fishing because they're so bony, but here's a great recipe for them to bring out the crab flavor in their delicate meat (and it's a lot easier to get the meat off the bone).

Clean the sheephead by removing the head, belly, and scales.

In a large pot of water, add seafood/crab boil according to package directions. We use Seafood Boil made by Creative Cajun Cooking.
Let the seasoned water boil for several minutes, then boil the fish for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and let the fish soak for 15 minutes in the seasoned water. Remove the fish from the water and let cool slightly. With a fork, gently scrape off the skin and any dark meat from the bloodline. The white meat is what tastes like crab. Be careful for bones.