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Royal Red shrimp, Sriracha aioli

2 lbs head on Royal Red shrimp (see note)
olive oil

Toss the shrimp with olive oil. Grill over high heat, turning once, until opaque and firm. Serve with Sriracha aioli.

Sriracha aioli:

1/2 cup lowfat mayo
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp cajun seasoning
1 tsp sriracha hot sauce

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Yep, it's that simple.

NOTE: Royal Red shrimp are a deep-water Gulf shrimp that are naturally red in color and salty in flavor. You can cook them like any other kind of shrimp, but use less (or no) salt when cooking them. Royal Red shrimp are available at Cajun Catch Seafood in Gonzales, (225) 647-FISH.