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Shrimp boulettes
This is Mickey LeMoine's recipe. He won 1st place at the Frisco Fest cookoff with it!

2 lbs of 70-90 count peeled shrimp
1 large onion
3 cloves of garlic
2 ribs of celery
½ bell pepper
2 cups bread crumbs
creole seasoning to taste
3 beaten eggs
2 tbs worcestershire sauce
salt, pepper to taste

Pre Mix:
Boil shrimp for 5 minutes with a teaspoon of liquid crab boil. Drain and grind up in food processor on pulsate mode (don't mince into a paste, leave chunky or just roughly chop with a knife)

Add veggies to food processor and mince.

If you're making your own bread crumbs, clean out processor and add stale french bread and chop fine for crumbs.    

Add all ingredients (except batter mix) to a large mixing bowl and season to taste.

Fold mixture well with your hands until egg is all incorporated and mixture holds together well. Shape into patties or balls and dredge in FRY-UM-UP batter mix.

Deep fry at 350 degrees until golden (1-2 minutes per side).

Serve with creamy shrimp sauce (or remoulade or cocktail - whatever you prefer)

(Actually, I've also pan fried the patties in a just a little butter and it also worked great - this batter mix is crunchy no matter what! -- Marissa)