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Turkey Wraps
Awesome picnic/camp/tailgate food! These quantities make 5 large wraps.

Large burrito sized tortillas
small tub of sweet & spicy 3 pepper dip (or hummous or cream cheese, softened)
8 oz thin sliced deli turkey
1 pkg ready-cooked bacon
8 oz shredded cheese (your favorite - I used reduced fat farmer's cheese)
Boston or romaine lettuce (use the bagged kind to cut time)
Fresh ground pepper

Warm tortillas. Spread generously with whatever spread you're using. Add two slices of turkey, lots of cheese and 2-3 slices of bacon per wrap. Add a little lettuce, crack some black pepper over the whole thing and roll up the tortilla. Packs well in a cooler (these fit just right into gallon size zip top bags).