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Venison Meatballs
When Sean harvests a deer, we get the meat processed at French Settlement Sausage. Some we get as sausage and boudin, some as ground meat. They mix it 50% venison, 50% pork. It makes excellent meatballs. Most of the time, we bake them on a rack in the oven, seasoned with just Magic Swamp Dust and served with brown gravy or barbecue sauce. I challenged Sean to come up with something different - this is what we got.
2 lbs ground meat (50/50 venison/pork)
1 tbs chipotle chili powder
1 tbs hot mexican chili powder
1/2 tbs cumin
1 tbs Creative Cajun Cooking Smokin' Fryin' Rub
2 tbs Magic Swamp Dust
1 jar queso
1 link andouille, diced

Mix the meat and spices. Form into meatballs. We used skewers to keep them from falling through the grill rack, but you can do these in the oven at 375 if you prefer. We grilled at about 375 degrees until done. While the meat was cooking, we browned the diced andouille in a skillet until it resembled large bacon bits. We topped the grilled meatballs with the queso and sprinkled with andouille bits. The little girls down the street loved them (and didn't have a clue they were eating venison!)